RFKOREAWe want to help you learn Korean! This page is dedicated to helpful resources related to our weekly class. This includes handouts, print outs, notes from previous classes and more.

As our class grows, so will our list of resources. If you would like a resource over a specific topic, please email and let us know! We are always looking to improve, so your input is appreciated!



Korean School Curriculum Overview

Week One Resources

Week Two Resources

Week Four Resources

Week Five Resources

Conjugation Resource

Conversation Worksheet 1

Koran Vocabulary 1 – Places & Means of Travel

Additional resources to help you learn:

Hangul Characters

Hangul Numbers

Days and Months

Sentence Worksheet

Body Parts Vocabulary Worksheet & Test

Three Bears Song Worksheet & Three Bears Sing-a-Long #1 & Three Bears Sing-a-Long #2


Korean Culture and More:

Korean culture lesson one – Dalgona

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