1. I heard that all Asian languages are too hard to learn, especially for a native English speaker.

Answer: Learning any new language is challenging but with effort and dedication, anybody can learn Korean. Actually, of all the Asian languages, Korean is most likely the easiest to learn!This is because King Sejong (1418 to 1450) wanted a language for his people that was both logical and easy to learn!


2. Do I have to learn Hangul in order to learn Korean? Can’t I just use Romanization?

Answer: In order to become fluent in the Korean language you do need to learn Hangul. Romanization represent the Korean language using Latin script. It only gives an approximation of sounds and is not truly representative of the language. You can not become a fluent Korean speaker if you rely on Romanization.


3.I’m interested in learning Korean, but I’ve been told it’s not as practical as other languages.

Answer: Over 70 million people speak Korean and more are learning all of the time. Business and industry interests are growing in South Korea,making it likely that Korean will continue to grow as a language. So if you are curious about Korean and would like to travel there one day, it makes perfect sense to learn the language. It is also easier to learn something you’re actually interested in!


4. I have heard that it is easier for children to learn new languages. I’m an adult and I work a lot, can I still learn Korean?

Answer: Studies have shown that children do not learn languages easier than adults, they just learn them differently.  As an adult you’re ability to learn complex things is far greater, you just need to assimilate new information in a new way. So you certainly can learn Korean as an adult, you’re never too old!

And, although you may work and have other obligations, you can still learn Korean. All you really need is a few minutes a day to study. You can use flashcards at your desk while you work to help memorize vocabulary and practice at night while you watch television. If you want to learn Korea, you can do it!

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